Date: 22nd -29 -July-2020

WOTAP  conducted  training for three staffs for five days from 22-28-July -2020 which took place  at  Sunrise hall (FIRARI )on WORDPRESS and DASHBOARD internet packages and programs on the website  including FTP,which stand for file transfer protocol , IP internet protocol DNS and UTL.

The training was very interested with a lot of the procedure happened on the website e.g.  therefore, the trainer was able to reached knowledge to staffs in a good miner so, also it help WOTAT to post all its programs and activities with the attached  of photos on the website.

The Training also solved a lot of problems in organized by setting the website, it also help organization to publicity the information online.

The trainees were benefited more from the training and they are now ready to post and update the all information of WOTAP on the website.