Education is very important to improve the status of women and girls. Yet it is still very difficult for girls in South Sudan to complete or even to start their education. They have to overcome many barriers and need support to be able to do that.

WOTAP supports 86 girls to complete their education. We do that by paying school fees, uniforms or books if that is necessary so money won’t stop them from attending school. But more important WOTAP supports the girls by offering them role models, listening to them and helping the them to solve the problems that might stop them from going to school. We follow their progress throughout their schooltime and talk to their parents, teachers or other supporters. Our experience has proved that because of the support they get girls go to school  more often and stay in school longer. This improves not only the level of education of these individual women but also that of  their children.

On top of this individual support for girls, WOTAP started a girls football team in 1995. The team still exists, although of course with other members. It trains and plays matches against other teams. Over the years a lot of girls joined the team for some time. For this girls the team is not just a way of having fun. It is a way to improve their health by doing regular exercise, it is also a way of having social contacts and, most important, gaining self-confidence.

WOTAP education programmes (pre-schools and adult literacy) started since 1995 while Girl’s education started in 2002.

WOTAP educational programme included Pre-education for the children of the most vulnerable people in the community, adult education programme/ literacy programme for women and the adolescent girls (15-50) years who either never being to schools or dropped out of schools to some genuine reasons, the adult literacy programme last for seven months period, aiming at upgrading the alphabetical and numerical literacy among women, conducted at evening times, to allow flexible space for participation of all women.

Girl’s Education Programme, we provide sponsorship for the education of girls (7-15) years old, those who are either children of the most vulnerable people in the community or orphans, the sponsorship we provided is in term of school’s fees, uniforms, shoes, exercise books, examination fees and any additional support requested by school administration. These girls are registered at different schools based on their choice; their performance is monitored throughout the academic year jointly by WOTAP in collaboration with the school administration/ PTA and the parents or guardians.

We also have Pre-school programme which we offer free education to children from (3-6) years old of same categories above in two phases-  middle class and top class for the period of two years- complete academia standard for pre-education in South Sudan.