Food Security & Livelihood

Food security and livelihood; distribution of various inputs and training of the communities in fishing techniques, bee keeping,  animal traction, food processing and preservation, harvesting and post harvesting and storage handling, agro-business and marketing aiming at diversification of livelihoods of vulnerable communities to overcome hunger, malnutrition and eliminate poverty. 

South Sudan is a resource-rich country. 70% of its surface is comprised of arable land, but only 4% of that is cultivated. The huge agricultural potential is underutilised, leading to poverty and food insecurity. Rapid growth of the population and the return of refugees make people even more vulnerable to food insecurity.

WOTAP aims to improve the food and income security of vulnerable households by improving their agricultural skills.
We train men and especially women in poultry, beekeeping and fishing. We employ Farmer Field Schools to let farmers explore the advantages of agricultural techniques that are new to them, like ox-ploughing or different ways to plant crops. We provide farmers with varieties of local crops that are more productive or better resistant to diseases. On top of those practical aspects, we add training on leadership, cooperative working and marketing skills.

Over the last three years we supported more than 1.000 households to gain a better future.